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Mezmur - is a term referring to Christian Gospel songs in the East African Countries of Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Mesmur, mexmur, mezzmur - An alternative spelling to Mezmur

Eritrea - A small country in East Africa along the Red Sea bordering Sudan, Ethiopia and Dijbouti

Ethiopia - A country in East Africa bordered by Eritrea, Sudan, South Sudan, Dijbouti and Somalia.

Horn - A name given to the region in East Africa covering Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia and Dijbouti

Orthodox Christian - The oldest denomination of Christianity, practiced mostly in Eritrea, Ethiopia and Greek

Ringtone - Music (normally less than a minute) when used in cell phones to signal incoming mail or phone call.

Playlist - Selected songs in one list.

Amharic - A language spoken in Ethiopia

Tigrigna - A language spoken in Eritrea and some parts of Ethiopia

Mezamuran - Name given to Gospel singers.

Meditation - A practice of connecting with ones inner-self through different techniques.

Geez - The script used in East African countries of Eritrea and Ethiopia